By Yousef Alsharidah
By Yousef Alsharidah
By Yousef Alsharidah
By Yousef Alsharidah
By Abdullah Mohammad
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By Shahad Alrashidi
By Shahad Alrashidi

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يتشرف معمل صدف لدعوتكم لحضور محاضرة عن تصنيف الأراء بالعربية باستخدام التعلم العميق مع د فاطمة حسين من الكويت و التي تعمل في معمل the Information Science Lab (ISL)

🌟What comes after deep learning?
Join us for in-person #panelDiscussion lead by Dr Sanjeev and our panelist for a thought-provoking discussion on 11 Jan23. For any question/comment to our panelist email us: or reply to this tweet.

Version 1.3 of CAMeL Tools is out featuring a new package management system for downloading datasets and models. Check it out on GitHub!

Being a professional technology practitioner on social media with an online active presence is a challenging task for most Instagram users. Check this article for more details

#social_media #CLS #KU #tech #Professional #programming #Kuwait #DataScience

How can we use the tools provided by computational linguistics to serve the study of the holy Quran?

#NLP #informationscience #Quran #Arabic #natural_language_processing

Today’s Doodle celebrates Emirati poet Ousha Al Suwaidi, who is widely considered one of the most significant Arab poets. She paved the way for female poets in the Middle East.

Promoting healthy foods and lifestyle on Instagram. For an analysis of a sample from nutritionists' Instagram accounts check

#social_media #CLS #KU #nutrition #profession #diet #Kuwait #nutritionist

Integration of social media into the professional life is a debatable issue. An analysis to a sample of professional Instagram accounts is conducted by a group of students from the Career Perspective Course @cls_kuniv during the Summer 2022.

Congratulations to our #Google Research Award winning distinguished researcher Halima Omar on her receiving of a scholarship to attend the @WANLP_Ar 2022 and the #emnlp2022

Our paper "A Weak Supervised Transfer Learning Approach for Sentiment Analysis to the Kuwaiti Dialect" got accepted for the @WANLP_Ar 2022/ EMNLP 2022.

Please check our website for full access to the paper

#ArabicNLP #WANLP #NLP #emnlp2022 #EMNLP

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