About Us

The Information Science Lab (ISL) was founded in November of 2021 at Kuwait University (KU) to focus on research in all aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) technologies. Our goal is to explore innovative technologies that could have a significant impact on challenging social problems. All activities and research projects conducted by the ISL are under the supervision of Dr. Fatemah Husain from the department of Information Science at the College of Life Sciences at KU.


We strive to create innovative technological solutions to social problems by applying the latest scientific computational theories and applications, and by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and progress in NLP and HCI fields by emphasizing what the fields can learn from each other.


We believe passionately in the power of technologies to change the world and promote social justice for everyone.

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We are EQUAL

SCIENCE is real

COLLABORATION fosters innovation

POSITIVITY is the source of passion

HONESTY is the key to success

COMMITMENT is an act not a word

RESPECT is a two-way street

Research Team

Principal Investigator:
Distinguished Researchers:

Dr. Hana AlOstad

Hana Alostad is a faculty member at Gulf University of Science & Technology (GUST), she holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Arizona State University, and her Ph.D. research area was on NLP, Social Network Analysis, and its applications in algorithmic trading. Currently, she is focusing her research projects on Arabic NLP for Kuwaiti dialect. Before starting her academic career Dr. Hana worked for more than 15 years in Ministry of Finance (MOF) Kuwait and her practical experience was in software development and project management of governmental financial systems.
Contact email: alostad.h@gust.edu.kw 

Halima Omar

As a senior-year student majoring in Communication Disorders at Kuwait University, Halima Omar knows first-hand the frustration of the shortage of Arabic resources, which formed the basis of her passion for expanding and employing her knowledge to contribute to the enhancements in this field. Among her duties as a professor’s assistant at the university, she tutors fellow students in Linguistics and Language Development and has received several honors for her work and academic achievement. Halima strongly believes in the value of the intersection of various fields in creating advanced and impactful research.
Contact email: Halima.D.Omar@gmail.com
Former Researchers: