Professionalism and Social Media – Part 2

This article is the second post in professionalism and social media. As we highlight in the previous post, social media can play a vital role in building a professional reputation if users are creating a professional network and sharing valuable information related to their career and profession. On the other hand, social media could also have a negative impact on professional users if the information they are sharing is not very accurate or not correct, and when they are not aware of the privacy rules and instructions. 

In the previous article, we explore some professional Instagram accounts for Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) from Kuwait. This post consists of  the analysis conducted by a group of students from the Department of Food Science and Nutrition aiming to investigate nutritionists online behavior in Kuwait. The followings are the names of students who participate in the analysis:

  1. Rawan Edrees
  2. Nourah Alqattan
  3. Dalal Alobaid
  4. Dhai Alshammari
  5. Nadeya Alenezi
  6. Lolwah Alshammar
  7. Seyedeh Mousavi
  8. Mayyar Alkhamees
  9. Amenah Almejaibel

The selected Instagram accounts for the analysis are selected out of more than 30 accounts based on the following criteria:

  1. First, all accounts explaining information via explanatory videos and not just by writings.
  2. The second reason is that these accounts are very organized and easy to read.
  3. The last reason is the easy access to the required information using these account.

Mohammed Almarzouq:

Mohammad Al-Marzouq studying his bachelor in Nutrition at California, USA. His Instagram account focuses on awareness videos related to exercises and sports more than food and nutrition, which makes his account more suitable for athletes than dietitians.

Instagram account link:

Mohammed Almarzouq
Positives Negatives
Gives courses in nutrition.
He is still a nutrition student.
Personal trainer and is interested in helping people.
Use his account for personal business.
Active in social media accounts.
Huge amounts of videos.
Explain how to use sports equipment correctly.
Unorganized account.



Dana Ghareeb

Dana Ghareeb:

Danah Ghareeb is a dietitian for all age groups. Her account focuses on health and wellness, and conveys everything she sees as useful for those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and care about their health. In addition, she likes sharing her clients’ cases while preserving their privacy. She always likes sharing information about food and nutritional supplements, and responding to the false allegations that are made concerning nutrition. One of the things that attract her followers is that she shares her lifestyle with her children and applies the advice she gave to her followers to herself and her family. She also has a private consulting and health food subscription company. In summary, Dana has a diverse Instagram account that benefits a large segment of society, as she puts some healthy recipes and nutritional advice and shares her experiences with her followers and her diaries with her family.

Instagram account link:

Positives Negatives
Specialized for all age nutrition.
No negatives were found.
Explains false things about food.
Gives advice and information on nutrition.



Dalal Buhemdi:

She posts plenty of useful videos related to nutrition and health in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Instagram account link:

Dalal Buhemdi
Positives Negatives
Specialized in the nutrition of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Working in two places might confuse the followers
Explains the health system for diabetics from (food, to exercise).
Explain the foods that diabetics should avoid.



Moudhi Alsaif

Moudhi Alsaif:

Moudhi has more than 8,400 followers on her Instagram and the majority of her followers are women. The reason is that she specializes in women’s and children’s health.  She publishes information and nutritional advice for children and women. For example, she has a complete leaflet explaining signs of disease, nutritional treatment, and exercise tips. She also posts about the foods and nutrients that are prohibited for pregnant women, and what is best to eat. Her posts also include what a child needs for healthy growth. Some posts discuss breastfeeding as well. She gives many courses aiming to raise women’s awareness. Moudhi’s account is completely professional, as her account just contains content about nutrition.  

Instagram account link:

Positives Negatives
Specialized in women's and children's nutrition.
No negatives were found.
Talks about the healthy food for pregnant women.
Provides examples of preparing lunch boxes for children.



Ahmed Leeri:

Ahmed has 18,000 followers on his Instagram account.  He specializes in clinical and sports nutrition. His account is more personal than professional as he mostly posts about his interests. However, he sometime talks about some important information such as healthy food and not healthy food. He use his account to corrects some cultural attitude such showing that the diet does not mean deprivation, but rather it is a lifestyle and healthy food that maintains the health of the individual. He also has many courses that he gives from time to time, which are important for the health of the community. He also publishes awareness posts in a humorous manner, which attract the community and encourage to have a healthy diet. In short, he successfully understand the society and attract others to a healthy life.

Instagram account link:

Ahmed Leeri
Positives Negatives
Gives nutrition courses.
Mostly personal account
Correcting misconceptions about what a healthy diet is.
Giving nutritional ideas and advice.



Dr.Abdullah Al-Mutawa

Dr.Abdullah Al-Mutawa:

Dr. Abdullah is a clinical and sports nutrition specialist. His Instagram account contains videos, covering sports and healthy food for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. The content in his Instagram is suitable for all ages.

Instagram account link:

Positives Negatives
Nutrition and sports specialist.
Posts are not arranged well.
Tips on useful and harmful food.
Some posts are not related to nutrition and sports.
Gives diet plans to lose weight.
Includes types of useful sports.



Sarah Al-Kandari:

Sarah is a clinical dietitian.  She has experience in pediatrics and diabetes. Her Instagram account focuses on videos and posts that explain about useful food for children and harmful food that they should avoid, such as caffeine and candy.

Instagram account link:

Sarah Al-Kandari
Positives Negatives
Specialist in pediatrics and diabetes.
No negatives were found.
Offers tips for children who fast in Ramadan (sleep - food).
Suggests useful application for nutrition and diabetes.
Offers tips on fasting for diabetics.



Malak Fawaz

Malak Fawaz:

Malak has 192,000 followers. She is a dietitian and nutritionist from Kuwait. Her Instagram account contains talks about nutrition and its effect on our bodies. Her account illustrates diverse new ideas and nutritions’ topics that are very attractive to Instagram users.

Instagram account link:

Positives Negatives
General nutrition tips.
Not very well organized.



Nour Shwa:

Nour is a dietitian and nutritionist.  She focuses on health and medical nutrition. Her Instagram account has 146,000 followers. She shares unique content in her Instagram, it has different types of nutritions related topics as well as awareness messages encouraging users to educate themselves about nutrition. She usually posts videos for her going to supermarket and showing users different unhealthy products and how they can effect their health, and some  alternatives healthier products to choose a healthy life.

Instagram account link:

Nour Shwa
Positives Negatives
Eye catching and unique.
Advanced tips require online subscription.
shows the product in real life.
Shows how to choose healthy food.



Shaikha Almesbah

Shaikha Almesbah:

Shaikha is a nutritionist, graduated from University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG), USA. She worked and volunteered in the US in several fields, related to nutrition and non-nutrition. Some of her quotes are “I love to give myself at least an hour a day to read about nutrition, and I love to read about self-development books” and  “I love the aspect of nutrition awareness, and my goal is to make the largest segment of people in the Arab community learn about nutrition, love it, and practice it”.  Shaikha is a loving and ambitious person. She customizes her content by her personal drawings. Her posts has unique characters, which are used to create awarness dialogs, including  “Bu Jassim”, “Om Jassim”, and “Jassim”.

Instagram account link:

Positives Negatives
Very attractive content.
No negatives were found.
Customized content and characters.
Presents ideas in comedy and memorable ways.



Ali Al-Sarraf:

Ali is a nutritionist who graduated from Canada with a bachelor’s in Nutrition. He is a trainer and gives lectures on nutrition. In addition, He works at the Diet Center.

Instagram account link:

Ali Al-Sarraf
Positives Negatives
Provides information about health and the way to consume food in a healthy manner.
No negatives were found.
Provides shopping methods and how to choose healthy products.
Shares comments and results of patients participating in nutritional diets with him.



Ahmad Al-Haddad

Ahmad Al-Haddad:

Ahmad is a nutrition doctor who graduated from University of Nottingham, UK with BSc, MSc, and PhD in nutrition. He is one of the founders of the Kuwait Food and Nutrition Association (KFNA). He works in his own clinic. Ahmad account shows that he has 113,000 followers. His posts include tips for choosing healthy and organic food with low calories.

Instagram account link:

Positives Negatives
Explain how to register and schedule appointments with the doctor in an excellent way.
The account is not organized.
Posts explanatory nutrition videos.



Lubna Mahmoud:

Lubna is a dietitian. She has 11,700 followers on her Instagram account. Her posts showed how to get healthy and fat-free food using especial recipe, with tips on how to have a healthy body.

Instagram account link:

Lubna Mahmoud
Positives Negatives
Has recipes for some healthy meals.
No negatives were found.
Highlights the importance of drinking water.



Abdulmohsen Alsager

Abdulmohsen Alsager:

Abdulmohsen is a clinical dietitian. He works in Jaber Al-Ahmad hospital. His Instagram account has 1,186 followers. His account teaches how to be healthy and what is the healthier option in selecting food. He emphasizes on the importance of exercising to lose weight, and following diets.

Instagram account link:

Positives Negatives
Comparing between many kinds of food.
No negatives were found.
Provides tips for the best exercises to do.
Provides tips to lose weight.



Razan Al-Ali:

Razan is a nutritionist. Her Instagram account has 1,289 followers. She works in Kuwait and Jordan. She has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food technology. She works in Diet Care clinic. In her account, she usually talks about health and diet. She also shares information about the differences between different kinds of food and their quality.

Instagram account link:

Razan Al-Ali
Positives Negatives
Posts many types of food and their alternatives.
Posts her personal picks
Provides examples of healthy snakes.
The account is not organized.
Talks about calories and how to lose weight.


In summary, the accounts discussed above are very simple to follow and helpful when it comes to learning information related to nutrition. Thus, anyone can easily understand nutrition practices and its related content. Those dietitians have simplified nutrition science and conveyed it clearly and amazingly. Social media is a helpful tool and therefore any confusion or mislead information can be clarified by these great Instagram accounts.

Additional Instagram Nutritionists Accounts

Account NameLink to the account

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