Professionalism and Social Media – Part 3

This article is the third part of the “Professionalism and Social Media” blog posts. We discussed the analysis of the speech-language pathologists in the first part and the nutritionists in the second part. We continue our analysis in this post to analyze how Instagram’s users from a technical background (e.g., information scientists, computer engineers, software developers) are utilizing their online presence on Instagram toward their career development. We narrow down our analysis to users who are living in Kuwait only.

As we mentioned in the previous parts, the content of this blog is prepared and written by a group of students from the Career Perspective course offered during the Summer semester 2022 at the College of Life Sciences at Kuwait University. This article focuses only on one teamwork, the Information Scientists group. The volunteering team members are:

  1. Mariam Samanter
  2. Abdulrahman Alzahab

Fahd Mannaa

– Instagram Account: @fahd_mannaa / LinkedIn Account: Fahd Manna 

Fahd Mannaa is an eCommerce tech builder and an IT director in Boutiqaat store. He has an engineering degree and a Master of Science degree in Information System Management. Moreover, he is working also in Amazon Web Services solutions architect professional. So, in general, he is a person who is concerned about technology, the internet of things, and many new types of technologies that could affect or change people’s lives. After exploring his Instagram account, we found out that he has his personal blog in which he documents different things. His blog was created in 2004 and he is still documenting and posting his activities there. For example, he shares some smart and cool tricks to use in python. He also shares a lot of his hard work projects on his Twitter and LinkedIn account. In addition, he is a good manager that managed over 100 developers from different projects . In our opinion, we think he is being very professional in most of his accounts, and he always tries to share stuff that can be useful to others as well.

Fahd Mannaa -

Reda Khalaf

 -Instagram account: @reda_khalaf / LinkedIn account: Reda Khalaf

Reda Khalaf is a software engineer living in Kuwait. He has a master’s in Computer Science.  He is also a mobile and web application developer, and he once was a teaching assistant at the Lebanese International University in Lebanon and worked there for more than 2 years. Additionally, he is a person who tries new things and has a really good experience not only in one specific area but in different areas of technology. He also released some apps for both android and IOS. 

Reda Khalaf -


Instagram account: @tbe_kw / TBE – Tech.

EimanBj owns this Instagram account. This account provides tutorials, articles, resources, and reviews on all things related to technology, digital transformation, metaverses, and development. It provides the customers with what they need from articles resources and all things related to technology. Unfortunately, it’s an unverified account, They need to develop more in terms of advertising to attract everyone’s attention.  They offer a wide variety of technology-related publications and items. In the area of information science, they can be useful.

EimanBj -

Bashar Al-Abdelhadi

Instagram account: @Bashar Al-Abdelhadi

Bashar Al-Abdelhadi  is a Kuwaiti businessperson who has experience in information technology. His most recent project involves raising technical awareness, which is a very interesting issue that should concern people nowadays. He has valuable knowledge in information technology. He persistently uploads content to Instagram about his meetings and his mission to spread technological awareness. Unfortunately, his experience is not enough to help in all areas.

Bashar Al-Abdulhadi -

Nasser AL-Ostath

 – Instagram account: @ Nasser_b_o Nasser

Al-Ostath is a speaker, lecturer, and author, among many other roles, some of which are Python trainer , certified ethical hacker social engineer, coding coach, computer engineer, cybersecurity researcher, conversational hypnotist and more. He is a person that has a very interesting experience inspiring many young people. Specially, students in information science. 

Nasser Al-Ostath -

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